philanthropic focus is all about our children

a promise for a bright future for many generations to come

Our Executive leadership for Cellulose Solutions is invested and has been for most of his life in Philanthropic activities focused on children and helping those in need to have better lives.

These core values have carried over into Cellulose Solutions’ focus on protecting our planet and life through green innovation and removal of hazardous components in our chemical formulations contributing to safer and cleaner consumer products and a circular economy based on earth’s natural resources.

Allan P. Short, our Founder began giving back in his teens working as a volunteer for special needs children summer camp and then as a lifeguard in a government project pool. Seeing first-hand how children were in need, he and wife (name) started a bus ministry in 1999 to bring children aged 4-15 years old into their home to leach them life skills, integrity and love of God.   They assisted 275 children through 2013 and remain involved in many of their lives today.

Today, Cellulose Solutions donates freely to those in need with clothing, cards, jobs, education, overcoming addictions and legal help. Allan’s wife continues to dedicate her time to children advocacy representing them in custody cases, providing a voice to the children.

join us in supporting our future generations

Cellulose Solutions donates to the following organizations on a continuing basis:

Numerous Drug rehab centers

Baseball Country

Baseball Country, Ralph, Alabama
(a dual ministry for children to mentor them in outdoor activities and a center for training promising high school and college baseball players). Managed by Sam and Kristen Marsonek.

Impact 22

Impact 22 is a Non-profit organization started by Ryan Anderson. Impact 22 is setting up schools, playgrounds and shelters for women coming out of abuse and sex trafficking in Columbia and here in Alabama. (Ryan was 4 years old when he began coming to our bus ministry). Ryan went on to play for Alabama and the Washington Redskins.

Cellulose Solutions’ goals for the future are to develop facilities (a lodge with large acreage for under-privileged children to go to learn, experience outdoor activities, and to know they are loved).

Allan states:

“We have found that the greatest blessings in life is not how successful we become or how much money we make, but the things we do to help other people in life.”

Verdant Innovations, the new line of 100% Green Chemisty is Cellulose Solutions’ next big step towards making our planet safe and clean for children today and many future generations to come.