Cellulose Solutions


Cellulose Solutions accelerates our customer’s innovation and sustainability initiatives through customized specialty chemical applications for each unique requirement



Non-toxic, animal and tallow free specialty chemical formulations to meet the unique requirements for the pulp & paper

All our chemical formulations are void of known and suspected carcinogenic properties protecting the environment and human mankind across all our solutions

specialty chemical fomulations

non-toxic, animal and tallow free

Free of all Known & Suspected Hazardous Components

Our Heritage is in the Pulp & Paper Manufacturing industry. We work with the world’s largest manufacturers, mills and factories that deliver consumer products used across multiple consumer products made from pulp, fluff pulp, kraft pulp and paper. 

Paper Manufacturers & Mills

Specialty chemicals formulated for your specific mechanical requirements and unique products


Create cleaner, higher quality product; increased output for market pulp kraft pulp, dissolving pulp and fluff pulp

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extend your think tank

with our expert team

We extend your R&D team by formulating high-performance exclusive and specialized chemical recipes that meet our clients’ specific requirements for today and tomorrow

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boost benefits

identify problems. formulate solutions. optimize applications.
increase roi.

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our clients trust us to deliver
safe formulations

certifications that protect consumers

what’s in it for me?

Pulp & Paper Manufacturers and Mills

purchasing manager
  • Improve operational efficiencies adding value to existing chemical formulations
  • Drive improved Product Margins by reducing downtime and increasing production
  • Meet Sustainability & Green initiatives with high performance Quat-free and non-toxic chemicals
quality manager
  • Meet Sustainability & Green initiatives by replacing Quat –based chemicals with high performance non-toxic chemicals
  • Deliver Animal and tallow free chemicals to meet business standards
  • Identify processing issues, improve quality, increase product production
r&d / think tank
  • Extend your R&D and Think Tank with our expert team
  • Add Fibre modification expertise– change, apply and test with measured results for optimized results
  • Accelerate innovation through collaboration with global expertise and out-of-the-box thinking
technical / production management
  • Customized solutions for specific production conditions and product requirements
  • Take a holistic approach to Identify opportunities to increase production, quality and margins, process efficiencies
  • Replace chemicals where issues are occurring to gain improvements in machine operation
business segment managers
  • Accelerate innovation with out-of-the-box thinking replacing known and suspected hazardous ingredients
  • Gain a competitive edge through exclusive formulations and meeting consumer demands for safer products
vp product development
  • Create products that are safer and more sustainable increasing standards
  • Deliver higher quality products with stronger margins
  • Leverage Cellulose Solutions Research & Development to be one step ahead in your product development