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Our mission is to extend our client’s R&D and think tank organizations with our deep research, input from our expert scientific network, and staying on top of global requirements, trends and legislature for the industries we serve. We extend your R&D from Ideation to Creation formulating exclusive and specialized chemical recipes that meet our clients’ specific requirements all while removing known and suspected hazardous components from our client’s products.

expert collaborationCollaboration. Customization. conquer.

We work with an exclusive network of leading PHD Scientists globally to manage future requirements for industries and consumer regulations.

We develop and test in our facilities and then with factories, manufacturers, and product development within our clients’ environments. We then deliver solutions that are proven, high-performance, and cost-effective.

Our chemical solutions are customized based on our client’s operations, manufacturing processes and mechanical requirements delivering a holistic approach.

Achieve reduced downtime, increased operational efficiencies, higher quality products, and stronger margins.

problem solving at our core

Analyze. Recommend. Optimize.


Current State Review

A holistic approach to analyze /survey a company’s current state to identify bottlenecks and issues across mechanical, chemical applications, and operational processes


Recommendation & ROI

Mechanical, Operational, Process recommendation with expected outcomes in an ROI model.

Includes chemical replacement or added-value to accelerate safer formulations


Formulate Custom Solution

Formulized for clients based on multiple criteria including manufacturing plant, water supply, product lifecycle, equipment, and more.


Optimize Applications

Optimize by adding value or replacing to deliver higher quality products, increased efficiencies, and tighter controls.


Meet & Surpass Sustainability

Accelerate sustainability initiatives by reducing and replacing components of current formulations to achieve safer targets for human health and the environment

value add professional services

Cytotoxicity Testing Collaboration

Our chemists and consultants collaborate in screening and prediction of final product toxicity for absorption or ingestion with reporting.

Onsite Plant Surveys

Uncover opportunities for improvement with a full report and recommendations with expected Return on Investment across mechanical, operational, chemical formulations, and process areas.

Regulatory Assurance Letters

Cellulose Solutions can provide assurance letters and documentation as required by our clients and partners

Exclusive Formulations

Creation of an exclusive formula for a specific product to provide a competitive edge or meet unique requirements.

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