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Cellulose is an organic compound- a linear chain of thousands of linked D-glucose units
and an important structural component of the primary cell wall of plants.

about us

Cellulose Solutions

Cellulose Solutions develops unique and exclusive chemical innovation to meet the requirements of our target industries, based on extensive research and development, and client specific application and process conditions. Our holistic solution accelerates innovation with customized chemical applications, improved processes and efficiencies, increased product quality, margins, and stronger ROI.

DuBois Chemicals

Cellulose Solutions was acquired by DuBois Chemicals in 2023. For more solutions visit www.duboischemicals.com.

Our Solutions

Our solutions for the Pulp & Paper industry are animal-free and non-toxic meeting tomorrow’s consumer protection for human health and protecting the environment to meet sustainability initiatives. We are committed to replacing harmful chemicals in future development.


What’s important to us?Sustainability Success. Honor Human Health. 

Exponentially moving companies to meet sustainability

Developing chemical technologies to improve the impact on our environment, planet and people based on extensive research and development and government polices today and in the future.  We have a strong track record of delivering proven technologies to support our clients responsibility to their consumers.

Consumer protection and
Circular Economy

Our Fibre-Treat™ chemical applications are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and animal free.  We continue to replace harmful man-made chemicals with natural resources to meet consumer requirements and demands for the industries we serve

Animal Free/Non-Tallow chemistry

Animal Free/Non-Tallow chemistry is applied to our debonders in all solutions sold into the Pulp & Paper industries today. We are ahead of the curve in developing ingredients to replace harmful toxins and will continue to develop replacement ingredients for our other products.

Investing in Consumer Transparency

Through education and alignment with government regulatory agencies worldwide, we are committed to keeping abreast of ongoing research on behalf of the industries we serve. We are dedicated to help drive companies to deliver transparency into product composition for more sustainable products.